Lens Technology

Here, at Artistic Eyewear we only offer the best lenses with the latest technology to enhance your overall experience. By offering the most advanced technological lens solution available to the marketplace at any given time, delivering unparalleled customer service and providing a wide range of frames in various materials, we strive to be the best solution to your eyewear needs.

autograph-ii2We exclusively use the Autograph series by Shamir, considered the Holy Grail of all lenses. It is available in customized, variable, and fixed fitting heights (11mm, 13mm, 15mm, and 18mm) and takes into consideration the position of the patient’s frame and lenses, as they are worn on your face. Shamir is an Israel-based company, which is engaged in the development, design and manufacture of premium progressive lenses for the ophthalmic industry. They specialize in premium progressive lenses under names such as Shamir Autograph II®,Shamir Autograph III®, Shamir Golf®, Spectrum, Shamir Autograph II Attitude and Shamir Office™, the industry’s leading occupational lens. The type of progressive would be determent by us based on prescription, size and shape of the frame along with the customers lifestyle.

When you have decided on the frame that fits your needs and personality, we at Artistic Eyewear take some specific measurements in order to provide the best optics. In order to provide to you a fully personalized lens, it is important to understand that the frame will have some panoramic angle, the lenses will be tilted due to the frame and how the frame sits on the face. We take great care in making sure the lenses and the measurements of them satisfy every customer and in the rare case that they need to be adjusted we do this free of charge. Our customers satisfaction with the optics and frame choice is our top priority. Please see diagram for some basic measurement explanations.

Here are a few questions we answer everyday!

What Are Occupational Lenses?

An occupational lens is a design in prescription eyewear that allows the wearer to view all working distances, side to side, up and down, within a conventional working distance, or small environment.  A working distance typical to many occupations will fall somewhere between ten to thirteen feet, respectively.

Our working and lifestyle environments require that we have clear vision at working distances of 1.5, 2.5 and out to 10 feet.  And, this vision must be clear in all areas of the lens, at all viewing angles.

Ergonomics play a large role in our ability to work comfortably, without causing neck and back strain at the end of the day.   For best comfort, we should be plane with our computer station, or balanced, in essence.  This requires that we are able to sit up straight in a chair, view our computer monitor below our line of sight, at a comfortable viewing angle.  All the while, we need to be able to relax our wrists and forearms while typing, and maintain focus on the ever-changing computer monitor pixels with varying contrasts.

Quite a challenge!

The Solution:  Occupational Lenses

Different than a progressive addition lens, this variable design begins with the full reading prescription at the bottom of the lens, and weakens, for mid-range vision, as the eyes rotate upward.  Almost like an upside down progressive – taking away power vs. adding power.

In the middle of the lens, the entire design is devoted to intermediate vision.  The Shamir Office Occupational Lens is the only design to take this approach. Then, the other portion of the prescribed reading power is reduced as it reaches the upper part of the lens.  This unique design approach brings quality optics from 10 – 12 feet distance, tapering in to normal reading distances, around 16 inches.  If your lens is working for you, you can give your neck and back a break.

You will not need to tilt your head in order to find the best optical zone in the lens…it is designed to match visual requirement with ergonomics.

Comfortable vision and good working ergonomics are too important to leave to chance.  Choosing an occupational lens, specifically designed for small environments with adapting optics is the best optical solution for clear vision at varying focal ranges.  Choose the Shamir Office occupational lens… your eyes and back will thank you!

What is a progressive lens (multi focal lens)?

An eyeglass lens having a smooth transition between parts with different focal lengths, correcting for vision at all distances. In short it has an area in the lens for distance, mid range and reading. If you have never worn a progressive lens before there is a learning curve for the first few weeks. Most customers adjust within hours and others take a few weeks. We help our customers with the learning curve. Before wearing progressives most people just move their eyes side to side while reading the newspaper for example or move their eyes downward while climbing stairs. Once wearing a progressive we must learn to move our head from left to right while reading and point your nose downward while climbing stairs. The reason for this is simple. The lens is custom fitted to you and the frame you have chosen. There is a small area at the bottom of the lens that has your reading prescription in it. If you just glance downward when climbing stairs you will be looking through the reading prescription and magnifying the area rather than using the mid range area of the lens by tilting your head with your eyes. We take great care in making sure our customers that are new to progressives adjust quickly.

Why did my vision change at 40?

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Your arms are getting too short…?”

Perhaps you have Presbyopia. Presbyopia is not a refractive error, but rather, a condition of the eye. Specifically, Presbyopia is a natural break down of the ciliary muscle and accommodative system. As our body slows its production of collagen, the elasticity in the lens inside of the eye, the crystalline lens, loses its ability to flex.

Here is how it works

When we view something at near, many things are happening in the eye-brain visual system automatically. The eyes turn downward and inward (convergence) and the lens inside the eye focuses on the reading material, or near image. This is known as accommodation. Our ability to accommodate for near tasks gets more and more difficult as we age.

While medicine has made great advancements in the ability to slow the aging process of the body, the aging process of the eye cannot be controlled.

Accommodation is the body’s response to blurry near vision by adding magnification at near. The accommodative system counteracts blurry images up close while using the eye-brain visual system to add magnification (convex lens power) to aid in near vision. After a while, as the lens loses elasticity, accommodation becomes increasingly difficult. This leads to asthenopia, or uncomfortable vision/tired eyes.

Thanks to technology, science and engineering can replace the magnification abilities of the lens with an ophthalmic lens. An ophthalmic lens can converge the light rays at varying focal lengths just as the eyes’ natural system.

If you have Presbyopia, you are in a very popular group… baby boomer’s and beyond… The good news is, technology has kept up with your visual needs and can supply advanced lens system to aid in your correction of Presbyopia. Whether in an office, or relaxing on a ship, there is an optical solution to your visual needs.

Why do you only carry one brand of lens?

We only carry the best lens technology because we know you will have a better daily experience with a superior product. The cost is only pennies a day and you will never go back to a lack luster lens again. We wear the best and fit our customers with the same. We also discuss with our customers their lifestyle. Many of our customers benefit from occupational lenses, golf lens technology, and lenses for night driving. We also offer 2 year lens replacement. If you get a scratch or worse anytime, as many times, within those 2 years we replace them for free. Even if your dog does it. Now that’s a nice feature you won’t find everywhere. Check out this fun video for some serious reasons why Shamir technology is superior.